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Enhancing occupational health and safety in Mining

Occupational exposure to airborne pollutants has been identified as one of the biggest issues affecting occupational health and safety in the mining and industrial sectors...

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Beyond mining taxes, to development – By Efam Dovi

Obuasi, about 200 kilometres northwest of Accra, Ghana's capital, is home to one of the world's richest gold mines. For more than a hundred years...

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Global Developments Digging Deep into African Mines – by Wonder Nyanjowa

Africa is home to a significant portion of the world's mineral resources that include platinum group metals (PGMs) gold, coal, copper and iron ore

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Mines Should Plan For A Positive Legacy – by Moses Chege Kasaija.

Recently, the mining industry has been experiencing a spate of accidents, intense social conflicts and political debate...

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Assisting Renewable Energy Development in Africa

In spite of the Renewable energy sector slowly gaining momentum in Africa, this exclusive interview with Golder Associates experts gives perspective on what private/public partnerships can do towards the development of renewable energy on the continent.

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Policy Support for Solar Power Grows in Sub-Saharan Nations – By Robin Yapp

Much of sub-Saharan Africa has experienced remarkable economic growth since the start of the 21st century...

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Benefits Of Solar Water Heaters – By Celine Paton

The popularity of installed solar water heaters in South African households remains low...

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Rental Power Decreases Energy Demand In Africa – By Moses Chege Kasaija

Most high-profile energy events and discussions hosted in different African countries always attract much of the publicity...

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Renewable Power Bridging the Digital Divide in Off-grid Africa By Fran Wit

We all know that wind energy can light homes and businesses...

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Changing the Definition of 'Oil' to Make the Figures Look Better – By. Kurt Cobb

Everyone knows that world oil production has been running between 88 and 89 million barrels per day...

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Uganda's Missed Opportunity in the Oil Debates – By Tony Otoa

Since the inception of the 9th Parliament in 2011, Uganda has seen some vociferous debates and the emergence of new personalities...

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Will Oil Resources be a Blessing or a Curse for Malawi? – By Emma Vickers

The discovery of oil under Lake Nyasa (known as Lake Malawi in Malawi) holds great promise...

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Oil spills and Nigeria, where the law doesn't rule – By Roseline Okere

Oil spillage is a phenomenon common to oil producing areas around the globe...

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Peak Oil : The Five Most Common Misconceptions - By. Robert Rapier

I have just returned from the annual ASPO conference in Washington, D.C. This was only my 2nd ASPO conference; the first one I attended was...

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